Athens Meeting 18-20 November 2005

From: SolidNet, Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Press Release

73 communist and workers’ parties from all continents met in Athens from the 18th to the 20th at the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, November, 2005, with the topic “Current Trends in Capitalism. Economic, Political and Social Impact. The communists’ alternative.”

Several parties, who could not attend, sent greetings and written contributions, which form part of the documents of the conference. Over the three days of the conference there was a creative exchange of views concerning the international situation and experiences on the questions of work in the mass movements, the struggle of the peoples and the activities of the communist and workers’ parties. Solidarity statements around a broad scope of international issues were proposed and adopted by the participants.

The speakers referred to contemporary phenomena and tendencies in capitalism. It was noted the imperialist aggressiveness in all spheres and the assault on the social and labour rights. Experiences were exchanged concerning the movements and struggles of the peoples in the different conditions of the various countries and the role of communists in them. The discussion highlighted the timeliness of socialism and views were exchanged on the ways to project and promote this goal in the 21st century.

It was noted that it is necessary to develop active political solidarity and support among Communist and Workers’ Parties, and more generally among popular movements and there views were exchanged on possible forms of joint action.

Participants expressed the need for similar meetings to continue and multiply at an international and regional level and emphasized the positive effect the specific cooperation between Communist and Workers’ Parties on the coordination and united action with wider democratic, anti-imperialist, anti-monopoly and patriotic forces could have. The critical importance of the exchange of views and theoretical discussions on the question of Socialism today was also noted.

At the meeting a series of initiatives were proposed, which can be a positive step in the further development of solidarity and common action between the Communist and Workers’ Parties:

1. Joint campaign for the release of the 5 Cuban patriots, that may include the organization of a delegation of parliament deputies, trade unionists and other public figures to the prisons in the USA.

2. Delegation of international solidarity brigades from members of our parties to Cuba and Venezuela. Active support for all the initiatives directed against Free Trade Agreement of Americas (FTAA / ALCA). Mobilization for the extradition of Carrilles to Venezuela

3. Joint action against the anti-communist resolution of the Council of Europe. Issue of joint resolution, signature campaign and protests in our countries.

4. Campaign on the contemporary relevance of Socialism on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 2007.

5. For the May 1st Celebration 2006 a campaign against poverty, unemployment, firings, liberalization of working hours, the reform of social security and for labour rights; against the structural adjustment programs and the policies of IMF and WB and for the cancellation of the foreign debt of the so-called third world countries.

6. A meeting of communist educators from countries in Europe on the impact of capitalist restructuring and of the Lisbon strategy on education. Joint work on issues related to the dissemination of the communist ideology and values amongst young people, and aspects regarding the use of the internet.

7. A European campaign against the anti-terrorism measures of the EU. Support for the activities of the CP of Finland during the EU-Summit.

8. Systematic monitoring of issues that are related to the persecution of Communist Parties and other anti-imperialist forces such as the outlawing of the CP by name and where it is illegal and concerning trials and imprisonments, other forms of persecutions and surveillance. The creation of a working group on these questions.

9. Active support for broad participation in the regional meetings of the Communist Parties such as the meetings in Latin America and other regional meetings of Communist Parties.

10. Support for the European initiative of the Portuguese CP regarding the developments in Europe and the EU in March 2006.

11. Meeting of the Balkan CPs and anti-war movements directed against the changes in borders, and imperialist interventions of NATO, the USA and the EU.

12. Campaigns for the retreat of the foreign occupation forces from Iraq, against NATO and foreign military bases. Support for the initiative of the CP of Canada in Vancouver, June 2006 and other relevant initiatives.

13. Solidarity with DPR Korea that faces a US-led blockade and threats of imperialist aggression as well as with the people of all countries facing imperialist threats.

14. Action against the “Greater Middle East” plan. Active solidarity with the Iraqi people, for the end of the occupation and the restoration of the sovereignty of the country. Also, we express our solidarity with the peoples of Lebanon and Syria in their struggle against the imperialist pressure and the interference in the internal affairs of their countries. We reject the imperialist threats against Iran and we express our solidarity with its people in the struggle for peace, progress, democratic rights and social justice. To intensify the solidarity actions with the peace loving forces in Israel. Establishment of an international day of action against the Israeli racist wall in Palestine and other actions. Joint solidarity delegation from representatives of the CPs to Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel.

15. To multiply the solidarity actions with the peoples of Africa, against imperialist exploitation, and promote solidarity cooperation, and joint action with the African communist and workers’ parties

The time, the venue and the topic of the international meeting of 2006 will be decided at the meeting of the working group of the communist and workers’ parties and a press release relevant to this will be published in good time.

Athens, 20/11/2005

Parties Participated


1. Communist Party of Albania

2. Algerian Party for Democracy & Socialism, PADS

3. Communist Party of Argentina

4. Communist Party of Australia

5. Communist Party of Austria

6. Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain

7. Communist Party of Belarus

8. Workers Party of Belgium

9. WCP of Bosnia & Herzegonvia

10. Communist Party of Brazil

11. Communist Party of Britain

12. New Communist Party of Britain

13. Bulgarian Communist Party «Georgi Dimitrov”

14. Communist Party of Bulgaria

15. Communist Party of Canada

16. Communist Party of China*

17. Communist Party of Cuba

18. AKEL-Cyprus

19. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia

20. Communist Party in Denmark

21. Communist Party of Denmark

22. Communist Party of Egypt

23. Communist Party of Estonia

24. Communist Party of Finland

25. Communist Party of Macedonia

26. Unified Communist Party of Georgia

27. German Communist Party (DKP)

28. Communist Party of Greece

29. Hungarian Worker' Party

30. Communist Party of India (Marxist)

31. Tudeh Party of Iran

32. Iraqi Communist Party

33. Communist Party of Ireland

34. The Worker's Party of Ireland

35. Communist Party of Israel

36. Party of the Communist Refoundation

37. Party of the Italian Communists

38. Jordanian Communist Party

39. Worker's Party of Korea

40. Socialist Party of Latvia

41. Lebanese Communist Party

42. Socialist Party of Lithuania

43. Communist Party of Luxembourg

44. Party of the Congress for the Independence of Madagascar (AKFM)

45. Communist Party of Malta

46. Party of the Communists of Mexico

47. New Communist Party of Netherlands

48. Communist Party of Norway

49. Palestinian Communist Party

50. Philippine Communist Party-1930

51. Communist Party of Poland

52. Portuguese Communist Party

53. Romanian Communist Party

54. Socialist Alliance Party, Romania

55. Communist Party of Russian Federation

56. Communist Party of Soviet Union

57. Communist Workers Party of Russia - Party of the Communists of Russia

58. Union of Communist Parties- CPSU

59. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

60. Communist Party of Slovakia

61. Communist Party of Spain

62. Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

63. Sudanese Communist Party

64. Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)

65. Syrian Communist Party

66. Syrian Communist Party

67. Communist Party of Tadjikistan

68. Communist Party of Turkey

69. Communist Party of Ukraine

70. Union of Communists of Ukraine

71. Communist Party, USA

72. Communist Party of Venezuela

73. Communist Party of Vietnam

* participated as observer

Messages and Written Contributions Were Sent By

1. Communist Party of Chile

2. Communist Party of Bangladesh

3. Communist Party of India

4. Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, Laos

5. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico

6. Party of the Communists of the Republic of Moldavia

7. Party of the Communists of Cataluna

8. South African Communist Party