Embassy of Japan

February 19, 2004

Dear Sirs,

The Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) hereby strongly protests against the amendment to the law on foreign exchange that was adopted in the Diet of Japan on January 29 of this year.

The amendment stipulates that remittances from Japan to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and trade between Japan and the DPRK may be stopped at the discretion of the Japanese government, which may also apply unilateral sanctions against the DPRK.

This is a violation of the Pyongyang Declaration issued jointly by the DPRK and Japan, in which both parties expressed a commitment to observing international law.

Implementation of the amendment will have a highly adverse effect on peace and stability in Northeast Asia, particularly on the Korean peninsula, and consequently on world peace and stability.

The Swedish working class and the Swedish Communist Party have always been in the forefront of the international peace movement, and on their behalf I urge you to request the Government of Japan to repeal the amendment as quickly as possible.

Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)

Jan Jönsson
General Secretary