Reject the undemocratic and imperialistic EU.

Capitalism today is imperialistic globalisation and neo-liberalism.
It is the imperialistic stage of capitalism, where capital is concentrated and form institutions to redistribute the raw-material resources, markets and power. USA is the leading power of the world to day. They attempt to press other countries to their own agenda.
Neither weapons of mass destruction or Saddam Hussein was the reason to attack Iraq. The reason was to get the oil resources under US control.

The EU is not an opponent to US imperialism. EU is imperialistic itself. Several EU-countries have already changed their legislation so that their armed forces can take part in war operations outside their own borders.
For example, since World War II German soldiers were forbidden to operate beyond boundary lines.

The European Union is being militarized and being equipped for military purposes. Rapid deployment forces are the start to fulfil a regular EU-army - with close relations to NATO. These activities have been justified by claiming necessity to control crises and fight terrorism.
The democratic rights of the peoples have been limited and the control of the lives of people has increased.

In the EU the entangling of capital with policy power has developed according to the will of capital, and has led to the draft “European Constitution”. If the EU constitution comes into effect, important parts of the sovereign power of the EU member states will be transferred to the EU.

The economic changes in the structure of society, fulfilled by the EU, lead to diminishing the share of public economy. Privatization (deregulation) is the central substance of this policy. Privatization of public works has led to deregulation of the public service sectors. Due to this, the power of citizens has been reduced while the private business sector takes over important parts of the public sector. The parliament deputies and municipal councillors loose the power to lead the direction of the development of economic policies. Their influence has been replaced by the power of private capital and its demand for maximum profit.

The increase in capital power leads up to the liquidation of collective working contracts. The employers go for the minimum salary, for individual contracts, and for individual agreements with small contractors to nullify the trade unions. This policy is carried out together with those trade union leaders who blindly follow the EU policy.

The Nordic Communist Parties are participating in the peoples´ struggles to improve their standard of living, to increase - not reduce - their democratic rights, in creating a more secure life without militarism and military building up. Therefore we state the following:

- We support the struggle against the EU constitution. A referendum on the constitution must be held in all the EU-countries. We manifest our support to all Anti-EU actions, NO to the EU! The Nordic member countries must leave the EU.
- We condemn the plan of rapid deployment forces and an EU-army. The means for armament must be transferred to increase employment and to improve the public service. Resources are needed for medical care, security for the elder, children’s care, schools etc.
- We are of the opinion, that to maintain peace and stability in Nordic Europe, there is a need to remove the NATO away from the North, this includes Greenland.
Denmark and Norway must denounce their NATO-membership. Finland and Sweden must denounce their “peace-partnership”-agreement with NATO.
- Democracy must be extended not limited. Privatization of public property, works and services must be stopped. On the contrary the sphere of public activities must be enlarged.
- We defend the rights of national trade unions to enter into agreements covering the whole country and trade areas. We claim equal salary for equal jobs.
- We will defend small scale farming and agricultural production under national control of environment and quality.
- We claim a society free from exploitation.

- The Nordic Communist Parties are united in the continued class struggle for the socialist goal. We reject imperialism and the EU-neo-liberalistic policy of capitalism - a policy contrary to the interest of the peoples.

Sauvo, Finland, 15.8.2004

Communist Party in Denmark (KPiD)
Communist Party of Norway (NKP)
Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)
Communist Workers´ Party of Finland (KTP)