The crisis of the social democracy

Swedish Social Democratic Party has a position in the civic life that no other Swedish political party is in the vicinity of. Not to mention the position of the party within the trade union movement. What’s going on within the party concerns far more people than just the members. The crisis within the Swedish Social Democratic Party was perfected by the outcome of the election to parliament last year. However the crisis is far older than that. The party abandoned at an early stage the socialistic aim. Traditionally the party have on the other hand been very aware of the inherently crisis of capitalism and its emaciation of the working people. Through the building of the People’s Home they have managed not least to balance concessions to the workers thanks to a strong and developed public sector. A sector that never before have been counted out to the capitalists. The economic policy accompanied the Keynesianism. This was a policy that was significative of the Swedish Social Democratic Party as far as to the late 1970s. Since the right wing movement of Sweden seriously battled for the ideological debate of the society, not least through the creation of several so-called think tanks. Hereby the party´s ideological back down was initiated. A first link in the ideological backdown was the shutdown of the daily press. In that way even more of the daily ideological debate was handed over to the bourgeois. Functionaries without any ideological motivation were hired particularly within the Swedish Trade Union Confederation.

The modern social democracy wants to conquer the middle class in a society where the ownership of production means determines the social standing. In Sweden there are capitalists and working class where the last mentioned has changed by an increased sector of services. If the working parties have any responsibility towards intermediate layers it is to develop their awareness, that is to say the insight of that their living conditions are just as much dependent of the capital as the groups of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation. How many officials haven’t lost their employments during the ongoing crisis?

The effort of the Swedish Social Democratic Party to establish themselves as a liberal bourgeois party is not possible. That seat is already taken. The capitalistic crisis of overproduction which now hit the working class of Europe with full blast should get the party to realize that the capitalistic realm of fortune does not exist. The privatization of the school, health care and the welfare are something that needs to be defeated such as the deregulations of essential functions to the society. The winter´s chaos of the Swedish State Railways speaks its obvious language such as the energy prices. The Swedish Social Democratic Party is obliged to in order to have oneself a future, participate in and develop the trade union struggle towards the emaciation of the capital for the workforce. The party has to participate in and develop the extraparlamentarian struggle. It concerns for instance the working hours, privatizations, the environment, the international solidarity. Above all they have to realize that justice is served not only through the distribution but rather through changed property possessions and a production which is willing to measure the social need instead of profits intended to just a few individuals.

Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)

Translation: Charlie Paulsson