Against privatizations

In Sweden there is an ongoing intense debate about banning profits for private companies which operate in public service mainly in schools, health care and care. We are opposed to the fact that public capital and tax funds transforms into profits. This does not solely applies in schools, health care and schools, but also for pharmacies and public transport at the local and national level.

The privatizations in the pharmacies have meant that private corporations solely in the marketing stage have a yield of invested capital on 25 %. It is profits that get extracted on behalf of sick people’s needs of required medicines and other needs of pharmacy products. Profits which are largely funded by tax money when the high-cost protection steps in. The privatizations of public transport have created disorder and chaos in the national and local public transport. Cancelled trains and busses are daily issues for many travelers in Sweden and serious accidents have been taking place due to those private corporations which primary purpose is to make profits. These private corporations have been allowed to take over businesses.

Moreover, it means that the ecologically crucial expansion of the public transport ceases and substantial tax raises leads to that the travelling within the public transport not becomes an attractive alternative.

The governing politicians intents to solve this issue by imposing new taxes and fees on private travelling, measures which particularly affects the back country and the provincial population who usually do not have any other alternatives. The only safe way that prevents the transfer of tax funds to the profiteers is to ban all privatizations and to deprivatisize the previous privatisized parts of the public sector and the community-owned companies. Private companies must not be funded by tax money; even their funding must be private.

No to privatizations!

For an expanded public sector

The 36th Congress of the Communist Party of Sweden

Malmö, May 10th -12th