Choose what is necessary – a country for the working class!

24 November, 2019. Today, the Spanish people will head to the polling booths for a second time this year in order to choose a government. The government headed by the social democrats lack a parliamentary basis and has therefore called new elections.

In the choice between the parties of capitalism – from left to right – the communists choose none. Instead, they participate with their own alternative, to be able to use the election campaign and the parliamentary institutions to mobilize the working class and to expose the parliamentary system as the class system that it is.

In the spirit of solidarity, we support the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE) and we give them all our support in their struggle, both within and without the parliamentary institutions. In today’s elections, we wish them good luck and call on the Spanish people to support the slogan of the communists: choose what is necessary – a country for the working class!

The central committee of the Communist Party of Sweden