The 36th congress of the Communist Party of Sweden expresses its great concern about the increasing danger of war throughout the world. United States, NATO and the European Union are attempting with all their means available to strengthen the hold of imperialism throughout the world in order to secure the global resources and to suppress the resistance against the hegemony.

Sweden’s military neutrality which is deeply rooted along with the Swedish people has been undermined during a long period of time with so-called partnerships for peace (PFF). The abolition of the military service that has been replaced by a standing army intended for reaction defense, with adaptation to the standards of NATO and training and joint exercises with NATO forces. Campaigns are launched on alleged inadequate defense capability and the constant fear for Russia to fabricate a membership of NATO as necessity.

The Communist Party of Sweden demands secession from PFF, never to be belligerent under the command of NATO and stop the joint exercises with NATO and at last take initiative for a nuclear disarmament instead of venturing under a nuclear umbrella.

Defend the military neutrality of Sweden!

Dissolve NATO!