The Communist Party of Sweden demands order on the labour market

Since Sweden’s admittance in the European Union and the subordination during its experimental, neoliberal and massively reactionary politics, the Swedish labour market have completely collapsed.

One  contributive reason to the fact that the worse examples of the labour market such as job trafficking and wage reduction has been able to extend in Sweden to the light degree that it can be found in the consensus of the Swedish parliamentary parties when it comes to never question the policies of the European Union. This Swedish policy of adaptation is unique to the parliament given a European perspective.

According to the legislation of the European Union it is considered in Sweden today to be a violation of the human rights to demand that Swedish collective agreements must be applied on the labour market. In Sweden, job trafficking and wage reduction are commonly appeared in the construction business, in the firms of haulage business and in the restaurant business. Consequently the protection of the workers and the wage provisions in these businesses are increasingly characterized by criminality and frauds.

One way to deal with this deeply tragic development was the fact that the Construction Worker’s Union in the wage negotiations this year demanded that the main contractor always is responsible to the entire contract chain. This proposal could be a very effective tool to stop the worst and the most cynical employers on the Swedish labour market.

The 36th Congress of the Communist Party of Sweden expresses its full support to the demand of  the Swedish trade union for all construction workers Byggnads that says  the main contractor must be responsible of that the entire contractor chain obeys the laws and agreements that applies on the Swedish labour market.