There can be no compromise with opportunism – speech by Andreas Sörensen at EKI’s last meeting

There Can Be No Compromise with Opportunism

September, 2023. Ever since the start of the imperialist invasion of the Ukraine, the divisions within the world communist movement have been accentuated; events have forced parties and organisations to choose sides, and sadly, we must acknowledge that far too many have chosen the side of capital. Also, within the framework of the European Communist Initiative, this has been the case, with several parties hurrying to the defence of imperialism.

Naturally, this has created a huge rift between the parties participating in the Initiative; on the one hand the revolutionaries and on the other hand the opportunists, seeking shelter in the camp of the bourgeoisie. Of course, we maintain that there can be no compromise between these two sides, between the sides of capital and revolution, and we hold that a compromise in itself would be opportunist. We are convinced that clarity is necessary before any talk of unity even can begin.

Since the beginning of the invasion of the Ukraine, various parties have formulated “analyses” and there has been no end to the creative ways in which Russian imperialism has been defended and exalted. What unites these opportunist positions are the tendencies towards “class collaboration, repudiation of the proletarian dictatorship, rejection of revolutionary action, obeisance to bourgeois legality, non-confidence in the proletariat, and confidence in the bourgeoisie”, to quote Lenin.[1]

Because what is the support of the Russian bourgeoisie, in its struggle for market shares, natural resources and geo-strategical positions, other than confidence in the Russian bourgeoisie?

What does this confidence in the bourgeoisie lead to, other than to class collaboration? To the subordination of the proletariat under the bourgeoisie and its legality?

And where does this subordination lead to, other than to the marsh of non-confidence in the proletariat? To the conviction that the proletariat cannot act on its own, but instead it has to be represented by the soldiers of the Russian Federation or by the mercenaries of the Wagner Group?

We must very openly state that opportunism is the loss of hope in socialism and the working people. Those who do not believe in socialism, instead turn towards alternatives in the current system. They situate their thinking and their analyses within the framework of capitalism and they rationalize their disillusionment with ideas on “multipolarity”, “the lesser evil” or “anti-imperialism” completely cut of from any idea of anti-capitalism.

Unfortunately, reality is that when it rains it pours. Having situated all analyses and ideas within the framework of capitalism, it follows that the rest of the positions of these parties and organisations will be false; one is never opportunist in one single question. And thus, we see that the same parties that position themselves in support of Russian imperialism, also support reactionary and racist immigration policies, they support the liquidation of fellow communist parties and they open their arms to cooperation with reactionaries, conspiracy theorists and open fascists. It is worth repeating: one is never opportunist in a single question, but one is always opportunist along the entire line.

In contrast to this capitulation, we maintain that socialism is the only answer and that the working people undoubtedly will carry out its historic mission, under the leadership of the revolutionary communists. We are unwavering in this conviction.

Central to any revolutionary analysis is the realization that the imperialist chain will break at its weakest point; that “the front of capital will be pierced where the chain of imperialism is weakest, for the proletarian revolution is the result of the breaking of the chain of the world imperialist front at its weakest link; and it may turn out that the country which has started the revolution, which has made a breach in the front of capital, is less developed in a capitalist sense than other, more developed, countries, which have, however, remained within the framework of capitalism”, as Stalin concluded in 1924.[2]

Of course, the opportunists must deny this. It is not possible for them to acknowledge what Stalin said, as it would then be necessary for them to acknowledge that communists must work for the socialist revolution in every country at all times, which inevitably puts them at odds with the bourgeoisie of the respective countries.

No, the opportunists do not want revolution. They seek their place under the wings of the bourgeoisie. They do not seek the breaking of the imperialist chain, but through their arguments they objectively seek to strengthen the weakest point of the imperialist chain, not putting events in relation to socialism and the proletarian revolution, but rather putting them in relation to the needs of the bourgeoisie – we remember, these parties have situated their thinking inside of the framework of capitalism and cannot imagine a world without a bourgeoisie, which is why they inevitably must seek to support it.

Granted, it is not necessarily so that the weakest point of the imperialist chain is right now Russia or the Ukraine – however, must it not always be the duty of communists to work to weaken the imperialist chain?

With those who very clearly and unequivocally have broken with the communist struggle, with the revolutionary analysis and the Bolshevik tradition, there can be no cooperation or compromise. It is necessary to intensify the ideological struggle against those who seek to maintain capitalism, and who seek to tie the working people to capitalism.

Therefore, we welcome this meeting, which will lead to a clearer understanding of the nature of many of these “communist” parties and which will lead to a stronger, and more solid revolutionary organisation.

We do very well to remember, that the duty of every revolutionary is to make revolution, and that those who do not seek to make revolution, are no revolutionaries.

We give our full support to the line of the Communist Party of Greece, as it represents the only possible way forward.