Solidarity with the Communists of Venezuela!

August, 2023. On the 11th of August, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) was effectively banned through a legal and political maneuver, wherein the country’s highest court granted another group the right to the party’s name. This group consists of members from the ruling party and other elements influenced and paid by it. The purpose is to establish a government-aligned communist party that supports with the Venezuelan government in its increasingly aggressive actions against the working population of the country.

For several years, the communists of Venezuela have refused to support Maduro, as the policies pursued are anti-popular, and instead, the communists have been at the forefront of the people’s struggle for a better situation. Despite numerous attempts to divide, sabotage, and violently subdue the communists, these efforts have failed. This is why the latest measure has been taken.

The Communist Party of Sweden strongly condemns the repression that has been directed towards the Venezuelan communists. As communists, we express our full solidarity with the resilient and struggling people of Venezuela and their communist party.

No one can destroy the communist party! All support to the communists of Venezuela!