Sweden is getting closer to NATO more and more clearly. Photo: Marek Studzinski/Pixabay

Sweden’s NATO membership has been finalized

Sweden is getting closer to NATO more and more clearly. Photo: Marek Studzinski/Pixabay

March, 2024. Today, Sweden’s NATO membership has been formally approved, and Sweden has joined the military organization of Euro-Atlantic imperialism. Even if the process has been fraught with delays, this was unfortunately the expected conclusion.

From the very first day, the Communists have opposed NATO membership because it formalizes Sweden’s membership in the world’s currently strongest imperialist organization. NATO is the spearhead of Euro-Atlantic imperialism, its bombs have fallen on countless countries, and its soldiers are stationed all over the world to safeguard the interests of the member countries’ capital.

Behind the Swedish membership lie the sharpening international contradictions and an aspiration on the part of Swedish capital to align even more closely with, among others, German and American imperialism, with which there is currently a common interest against Russian and Chinese imperialism. Swedish capital cannot itself defend its interests on the international stage but needs help – this is where NATO enters the scene.

As the contradictions within the system sharpen, the risk of a more general war also increases, and if the development is allowed to continue, there is a great risk that war will become a reality. However, it is not inevitable.

In the struggle of the working people, in Sweden and everywhere else in the world, for peace and for a different system that does not inevitably lead to war and poverty, there is also hope. Even if today it may seemhard to reach, we insist that there is only one real solution to the wars and conflicts – workers’ power and socialism. Here is hope and here is the future. This is the only alternative. Therefore, do not mourn – organize!